Terms and Conditions

Declaration of Advisors and Co-Owners (Project Partners)

  • I hereby declare that I am a Major and am competent to execute this agreement. I hereby confirmed having gone through, read and understood the above terms and conditions and that I shall abide by the same and the same is applicable to me. I hereby declare that I am the INDIAN Citizen above 18 yrs. Of age applying for the Advisership and co-ownership of PRAAYAS. Marketing and projects developments program. And understand that the Advisership does not make me an employee. I will Indemnify of PRAAYAS Marketing and projects developments program. Against any legal liabilities arising out of unauthorized claims, representation or statements made by me.
  • I agree to abide by PRAAYAS Marketing and projects developments program, its code of ethics, rules policies and procedures as set forth in PRAAYAS Marketing and projects developments program. Website www.prayasindia.biz and Manuals or any circular/announcements that may be published in the website from time to time. I understand that my Advisership or co-ownership may be revoked if I fail to comply with the stated conditions and the terms and conditions of the Advisership or co-ownership agreement without any notice. I further agree to abide and comply with the rules and regulations governing my Advisership or co-ownership, which is part of this application.
  • Together with this sign I include payment towards the purchase of PRAAYAS Business Tool Pack and Product Pack as the only requirement to be an Advisor. I understand that if I decide to return or cancel my Advisership or co-ownership I should do so within 10 days of the date of receipt. I will be eligible for the refund of amount after deducting taxes, handling, forwarding charges and deductions mentioned above. I hereby undertake that I will not make any claim that PRAAYAS is an investment program.

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